Many people are now looking for ways to stay healthy in order to avoid exposing themselves to side effects from prescription drugs, and are turning to a more natural way of living as a means of preventing disease. I hope that some of the information I give can help those people to make informed choices towards a healthier lifestyle.

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sweet woodruff

Sweet Woodruff-Galium odoratum is a low growing plant found in woods and shady places. It can be easily recognized by its small white flowers which bloom in May and June and the star-like whorls of about eight narrow, leaves growing beneath them. It is a perennial, with a creeping root system. It will lose some of its colour if grown in full sun.

The seed is round and rough textured, covered with hooked bristles, to catch on to the fur or feathers of any passing wildlife for dispersal.

Cultivation-Sweet woodruff can be grown from seed, when it is ripe, or by root division - best done after flowering is over.

Uses-The fresh leaves, when bruised and placed on cuts and wounds, are said to have a healing effect. The plant, when dried, has a scent like that of new-mown hay and in the past it has been used as a strewing herb and also to stuff beds. Now it can be used in linen drawers and cupboards to impart its scent and to keep fabrics from damage by insects.