gardening by the moon

Gardening by the moon is a way of gardening based on using the phases of the moon to inform planting and other garden tasks.

Long ago, our only reliable way of telling the time was by the sun, moon and stars. Over time a planting calendar evolved based on the moon phases. It was noticed that certain plants grew better when planted at different stages of the lunar cycle.

Gravitational pull between the Earth and the Moon results in the rising and falling of the ground water level, which, in turn affects the way plants grow. It was also observed that certain plants grew better when planted at the time that the moon was in a particular constellation and this futher refined the planting calendar.

Germination, leaf and root growth are all affected.

Gardeners working by the phases of the moon also harvest their crops at particular times. This has to do with the water present in the crop and the way it is stored at different times of the Lunar Cycle.

I use a Moon Gardening Calendar to plan my gardening tasks. I look ahead to see the favourable days for certain jobs and plan my work accordingly. I have noticed a difference in the way my plants grow since I stated doing this several years ago.

By studying some of the books available on the subject of moon phases you will find that there are many other ways that the phases of the moon influence your life. It makes interesting reading!